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Letter in The Globe and Mail Newsletter

November 9th 2000

R.D. Newman's confusion and concern over being a Good Samaritan when bodily fluids are evident is understandable, but misplaced (re: Globe & Mail, Nov. 8, A22). We continually hear that AIDS is an infectious disease, but much less often are informed that a tremendous amount of science does not support this view.

In the United States, out of more than 700,000 total AIDS cases, not a single case has been in a paramedic or surgeon. It's true that these people coat themselves in latex, but they also work in situations where the likelihood of a tear is significant, due to surgical instruments, jagged pieces of metal in a wrecked car, etc. The fact is that, for healthy people aiding sick people, AIDS just does not behave like an infectious disease.

David Crowe

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