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Response to New York Times Editorial “Firing an AIDS Fighter”

Dr. Henry Bauer and
David Crowe
August, 2007

Not surprisingly, this letter was not published by the New York Times, which does not want to admit the existence of alternative, science-based viewpoints.

Your editorial, “Firing an AIDS Fighter”, ignored the fact that two-thirds of the members of President Mbeki’s commission accepted the HIV=AIDS theory and that their final report accepted that there remained doubts.

Your use of the word ‘treatable’ is a distortion. This word surely implies the possibility of virus eradication and good health – not lifelong treatment with drugs with highly unpleasant side effects.

While some aspects are open to debate, Mbeki’s claim that antiretroviral treatment is toxic is supported by the manufacturers, in the labels that they provide containing lengthy lists of dire (and sometimes fatal) side effects.

It is regrettable that your influential newspaper would attempt to turn a scientific debate into a simple tale of black versus white. It ignores the thousands of people, including many MDs and PhDs, who have signed a petition asking for a re-examination of the evidence that HIV causes AIDS.


Henry Bauer, emeritus professor and emeritus dean, Virginia Tech
David Crowe, president, Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

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