Lost AIDS: Luc Montagnier's HIV

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Lost AIDS: Luc Montagnier's HIV


David Crowe
December 1st 2009

Luc Montagnier was crowned Prince of AIDS in December 2008 by the Nobel Prize for Medicine, being acclaimed the discoverer of LAV (now known as HIV) in a man who did not have AIDS (but was believed to be at risk) in 1983. One of the reasons it took almost 25 years to award the prize must have been the question of who should be crowned. Montagnier is infinitely malleable but his view of HIV is far more nuanced and oftentimes heretical than the dogmas that have grown up around him. Gallo, everyone knew, produced highly questionable if not totally corrupt science, but would lash out if spurned.

The decision to go with Montagnier must have been nail–biting. Could he keep his mouth shut and would Gallo keep his temper? They would be happy for the new prince to stay locked up in his palace, living with whatever luxuries he rang for. Nobody would care whether he romped with princesses, collected antique cars or stirred up new viral cultures – all he had to do was stay on script, a vain hope because he has never done that before. But, maybe they were counting on a compliant media that would continue their job of not reporting the news. Pictures of the Prince are okay, but not his words. They were not counting on the young film maker Brent Leung.

When I heard Montagnier speak in Calgary in January 2009, just after his award, he stayed on script for the first part of his talk, but then started on about how AIDS was a disease of oxidative stress, and later about how oxidative stress could be reversed through the use of antioxidants such as his favorite, fermented papaya. He was careful to talk about antioxidants in the context of other diseases he blamed on oxidative stress, not AIDS, so it appears that, basking in the glow of this great man of science, nobody noticed the trail of breadcrumbs from oxidative stress to AIDS and from antioxidants back to health.

Filmmaker Brent Leung has now released new footage of Montagnier, far beyond what made the cut into his documentary, House of Numbers”. During this almost entirely unedited interview he kept Montagnier on the subject of HIV and AIDS. All I can say is, “Remarkable! Stunning! Shocking! Amazing!”. In it Montagnier states that someone with a healthy immune system could be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected and that it is malnutrition that makes the immune systems of Africans weak and the diseases of TB, malaria and parasitic infections. “Water is key”, clearly meaning clean water, without parasites and pollutants.

When Leung asks him, “If you take a poor African who’s been infected and you build up their immune system, is it possible for them to also naturally get rid of it [HIV]?”. Montagnier responds, “I would think so…It’s important knowledge that is completely neglected. People always think of drugs and vaccines.”

Don’t let me tell you what Montagnier said. Listen for yourself and watch how calm and sincere he is. This is not a man nervously trying to evade questions. This is a man who is at ease with his ideas. Perhaps, seated on his throne in the Institut Pasteur he wasn’t thinking about the effect of his beliefs on his legions of warriors around the world.

Montagnier is careful not to completely discount a role for HIV, but that’s not important. He dismantles three quarters of the house of cards that is AIDS and never once recites the mainstream creed, “I believe in one virus, HIV, exclusive maker of death and destruction, and of all things visible and invisible.”

Black box warning to the AIDS establishment: BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP (flashing red lights) Enter damage control mode now! Deny, obfuscate, lie if you have to. Arm the nukes. Turn on the PR pumps. Threaten to torpedo the prince. Make him repeat the dogmas in public. You cannot let this message get out! DIVE DIVE DIVE!


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