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Interview with Barbara Seebald – July 6, 2010

Background: Barbara Seebald was tried in Graz, Austria with a public defender she had rejected, and convicted of having caused bodily harm to her daughter Muriel by having a natural birth, by breastfeeding and by rejected Antiretroviral “AIDS“ drugs. She was sentenced to 10 months in prison. She will be appealing to the next higher court. Custody of her children has also been taken from her although if she wins her appeal there is hope she can regain custody.

Mr. Gärtner: Had there been great media interest on your trial?

Mrs. Seebald: On July 1st 2010 I received a phone call from a so–called free journalist Andreas Becker. He works for a production company called Südlandfilm. They make movies and interviews and sell the material to the broadcasters who can then edit the material as they like and however they think viewers should be informed – that’s the way the media always act: they program people like computers.

Becker called several times and wrote emails and tried hard to get an interview. He promised to report objectively as did the man he said was his boss, Lea Dopheide.

I replied: “I can not accept your offer because I want to protect my family and millions of other victims of the pharmaceutical industry from torture.“

Becker ignored my refusal. He bothered me until shortly before the trial. He tried to interview me in front of the courtroom without my approval. Please have a look at the third part of the following program:

(In German only)

Other media accepted my refusal although just before the hearing they tried again to change my mind. They also interviewed my public defender even though I had asked him not to give any interviews.

Mr. Gärtner: Is it correct that the judge Mag. Sprintzel had already passed judgment on the case before the trial?

Mrs. Seebald: I had my first appointment with Dr. Wutscher on July 1st 2010, the man who was forced on me as my public defender without my consent. He told me that if he had a choice he would have refused to accept me as his client. He told me and a confidante about a talk he had had with the judge and he said, based on that, that I would get a limited punishment. This talk took place one week before the trial. Besides that the public defender asked me and my confidante if we were Nazis.

Mr. Gärtner: How did he come to such an conclusion?

Mrs. Seebald: It is a mystery to me.

Herr Gärtner: How did you prepare yourself for the trial?

Frau Seebald: I applied several times to present evidence that HIV/AIDS is an allergic reaction to smegma [fluids produced by the penis]. Also I asked to include information from Dr. Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld but the judge and prosecutor rejected the idea.

Also my objections to the special expert Dr. Norbert Vetter and the expert witness Dr. Zehetner and of the judge Sprinzel were rejected.

The complaint of torture to which I submitted several times was not acted on. My complaint about Dr. Wutscher asking me and my confidante whether we were Nazis was ignored.

Mr. Gärtner: How do you explain such a procedure in a democratic state under rule of law?

Mrs. Seebald: The judge ignored all my applications and evidence. I think that nobody is allowed to question the HIV lie. There is a billion dollar business behind it. Every intelligent person can recognize for themself what is going on here. During the trial several things were said about me that were not true, lots of data presented were false but I was not allowed to correct them.

Mr. Gärtner: What was your impression of the expert witness Dr. Norbert Vetter who is (in Austria) also called the “AIDS pope“?

Mrs. Seebald: Dr. Norbert Vetter is the founder of an AIDS ward in Vienna and an absolute supporter of the AIDS hypothesis. It is suspected that he is paid for maintaining the HIV=AIDS hypothesis. He is in no way critical or objective.

Here are some of his statements:

“Once AIDS – always AIDS.“
“AIDS is incurable“
“That the accused is HIV–negative, is purely wishful thinking on her part“
“Sooner or later everybody infected dies from AIDS.“
“There is a virtual photo of the HI virus existing“

The expert witness Dr. Vetter, who I objected to, answered a question of the judge about how the origin of “AIDS“ in Muriel could be explained: “According to the files of the also refused expert witness Zehetner, Muriel is infected with HIV [no positive HIV test has been produced] as well as Mrs. Seebald.“ Dr. Vetter said he could bring scientific proof, but the judge did not insist on this.

I noticed that the expert witness Vetter was very familiar with judge, they used the familiar “du“ form and saying good–bye he gave the judge a slap on the back.

My impression was that Dr. Norbert Vetter had taken a sleeping pill before the trial.

Mr. Gärtner: What is going to happen now?

Mrs. Seebald: I did not accept the judgment. We appealed against it. Nevertheless it is to be feared that this judgment will be used against me in the current proceedings regarding custody of my three elder children. This is a common tactic of the authorities.

We fear that in future there will be no HIV antibody test, as was obviously the case with Muriel. They will just measure the ‚virus load’. This is done with a PCR test. The inventor of this test himself, Kary Mullis, said that this test is not able to prove an HIV infection.

We must fear that in future there could be soon millions of new “AIDS cases“.

Mr. Gärtner: Thank you for the interview.