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Nadezdha's Story

Nadezhda K.
February, 2011

My name is Nadezhda. I am 31 years old. I tested HIV-positive 2 years ago, I am asymptomatic and healthy and never have been sick since my “diagnosis”. I didn’t ask for this testing, it was mandatory testing for official purposes.

Prior to my test I already had seen sites online saying that “HIV=AIDS” is a myth. One of them is run by a doctor who writes about healthy lifestyle and natural ways of healings. He also writes against HIV=AIDS and vaccinations and other medical dogmas and since he was a doctor himself I trusted his opinion. When I read that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, I just knew that he was right deep in my heart. But I didn’t know any details.

Then I myself got this diagnosis and, at first of course, I was very stressed and depressed for several months. My husband is “negative” despite unprotected sex with me and stays negative even today. Soon after my diagnosis he found a film for us to watch – “AIDS hoax” – we saw Peter Duesberg talking and we both believed him. After that I did my own research, reading all the information I could get both from orthodox AIDS sites and from dissident sites and many other educational, medical and scientific sites. So my opinion now is not just because I trust that first doctor’s site or because I like Peter Duesberg, but also because I found my own evidence of the HIV=AIDS fraud.

I am not just alive and well but also happy in my marriage and my everyday life. My husband is also a happy man. I want to say to all of my Positive brothers and sisters around the world – you don’t have to be a monk if you are Positive, you don’t have to hide your “status” and hide yourself from finding somebody to share your life with – because the person who loves you would never leave you just because you are “positive”

And by the way – about my “risks of transmission of the horrible virus” – as I said – my husband is negative and I also checked some of my former boyfriends and I didn’t find any of them HIV positive. I had never used IV drugs, had surgery or received blood transfusions.

”Positive” for me is being really positive in all aspects of my life from a healthy lifestyle to positive thinking. I do exercises every day – yoga, cycling or jogging, I have very careful eating habbits, trying to exclude everything that can be bad. I also meditate and do mind and breathing work. I never took any recreational or other drugs, never HAART, of course, and I am never going to take them no matter whether my doctor prescribes them to me or not. He didn’t prescribe me HAART yet because my CD4+ count is not very low yet (they are a little bit lower than considered to be a normal during all recent years despite that fact I had not been sick recently) and my PCR RNA (viral load) is really low. All my other blood work is absolutely good, within the normal ranges. I don’t care about “viral load” because I have looked into those RNA primers myself and they are not indicating HIV or any other viruses – they show “human chromosomes” – that’s it.

 So the only thing which is not “normal” is my CD4+ count, about 370 now, and during all 2009 and 2010 they were also low like this.

I have read immunology sites to find the true scientific answer to this question: Are CD4+ T cells the most important cells in our immune system?

I didn’t find the answer – there is no any scientific article telling us that CD4+ cells are the most important. On the contrary, I found that the most important cells that fight against opportunistic infections are CD8+ T cells! But this is exactly what most Positive people who have low CD4+ counts have. CD4+ counts go low because other cells, like CD8+, are increasing! For example my CD8+ is about 550 now and was all last year, which is a little bit higher “than normal”. I don’t know any reason why we would care about low CD4+ counts when we have a high number of CD8+ cells. CD4+ are just “helpers”, they need to help CD8+ cells and B cells to grow, but it’s obvious if you already have a lot of CD8+ cells – you just don’t need a lot of CD4+, and so they are just decreasing. CD8+ are called “Killers” or “Supressors” and even from those names you can understand that they are more important cell for your immune protection than “Helpers”.

So this is what I am doing: I look at CD4/CD8 ratio from “another side” and it works for me because I know I have many good cells protecting my immune system CD8+ lymphocytes and I don’t care about “helpers”. 

And here is a more funny thing illustrating what modern science really knows about how the human immune system works and about all those cells and what are they doing there. Look here please and laugh:
It’s the first website that Google gives you when you search for WBC (White Blood Cells).

There is nothing about lymphocytoses at all :) The most important cells are Neutrophils! he he he. So forget all the bullshit about risk for your immune system even if your CD4+ is very low – it doesn’t matter! Modern science doesn’t know how our immune works – please don’t let them fool you. If you doubt – try to research immunology as I did – about the different cells of immunity and you will see – they don’t know how our immune system works and they are not certain what those many different kind of immune cells are for. Just remember – there are so many types of cells of the immune system, and CD4+ is just one of them and not the most important one.

Nadezhda K