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We always appreciate your feedback. Here are some comments from previous visitors.

“Just wanted to send a note to express my appreciations for the ARAS website. It is reassuring to be kept up to date about the alternative viewpoint, the one that is not contaminated by mass-communication and profiteering”

BH, Holland
January, 2013

“To date, those who have been diagnosed with HIV were saddled with a Death Sentence as well as social scorn. To think that Montagnier has held a belief which would release these people from their shackles, and he\’s not screamed it from the rooftops, is unconscionable to my mind. The very thought that HIV is REVERSIBLE is something which the \”denialists\” have been saying all along. I pray Montagnier boldly proclaims that HIV does NOT always equal AIDS and that HIV+ may be a misnomer for many who have been hounded with this diagnosis. His reputation may be at stake, but people\’s lives have been destroyed because of his silence. It\’s time to correct this horrific nightmare.”

Lauren, USA
December, 2009

“I enjoy very much all the information on the aras website regarding the lies about AIDS INC. It is unfortunate that the poor in the third world who need it more can’t afford to get it. They are left only to listen to their corrupt leaders and some HIV/AIDS NGO’s mainly run by widowers and those who benefits hugely in scaring people from a natural sex we are all intitled to. Keep up the work, I’m also glad that all the infomation that was originaly denied to us is widely available on your website. I will continue to spread the aras news. It is wonderful!!!!”

Winfred, UK
August, 2008

“Thanks for the exellent information, it is highly helpful.”

Joseph, South Africa
August, 2006

“I am a 27 year old women, who has had two false-positive ELSA HIV test results, and 3 negative western blot HIV test results.

The first time I tested false-positive was during my pregnancy. My OB clinic nurse called me on the phone to tell me that I tested HIV postitve. I told her she was wrong. They sent that same blood to another lab to perform the Western blot results which came back negative. My OB couldn’t and wouldn’t believe these reults and re-tested me. Once again I tested negative for HIV.

Fast foward four years. I changed clinics and saw a family doctor who wanted to take lab tests and suggested a tetanus shot, my new OB did her own lab work. (I should inform you from the time I got the tetanus shot to the time I did my lab work was only 7 days.)

Once again my ELSA results tested positve. Believing this time that I was truly infected with the virus I had my husband tested, and he was negative. My new clinic again sent the same blood sample to another lab to run the western blot. As before my western blot was negative.

I was told by an infectious disease doctor that false-positve (ELSA results) are most common in pregnant women, but alo blood donors and people who recently recieved vaccinations can also have similar results.

No one can really tell me why this has happened to me, for the most part they see they don’t really know, but that it is commom and that in even some case some people with certain antigens and antibodies in ther system will most likely always test postive in the ELSA test, evne though they are HIV free.

I don’t want to give false hope or say that HIV is not real. However I feel that though we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go. It seems to me that the only way to prevent the spread of this disease is by educating, and protecting ourselves and each other..”

E.A.W. USA. July, 2006

“I like Daniel Mugao’s idea of recruiting as many people diagnosed with AIDS as possible. I, for one, was classified with ‘full blown AIDS’ and had most of the accompanying symptoms. Since I had bacteria, fungus and viruses attacking my body, the anti-viral medications, fungus medication and anti-biotic plus my supplements, vitamins and good health habits, all contributed to my getting well.

I can understand the comment by ‘anonymous’ go to a clinic…I can only speak from my personal experience, that when one is extremely sick and dying, at that point, just about anything will show improvement. Initially, these medications did help me because they are stronger than what was attacking my body. Nevertheless, they still are extremely toxic medications and I do not believe anyone should be on them long term.

Through reading about HIV and AIDS, I came to the following conclusions: AIDS is a term based on man-made criteria in which one may or may not be sick, persons with full-blown AIDS will have many of the AIDS, defining diseases and usually are at death’s door and AIDS is not a new disease but a reclassification of old diseases, all of which were on the planet prior to 1984.

AIDS is due to poor immunity caused by diet, past medical history and treatments, drugs (legal or otherwise), environmental influences, severe stress and health habits of the individual. Great immunity or lack thereof is earned. Recovery requires a detoxification and rebuilding process of one’s health.

I speak from the perspective of having various health issues, radiation treatments, numerous prescribed drugs, and undiagnosed health issues which escalated into full-blown AIDS. I was placed on the anti-virals along with other medications and started eliminating negative influences in my life and added positive ones. When my health was rebuilt, I opted to discontinue the anti-virals. However, I do take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) which was prescribed by my environmental physicians. LDN, a wonderful drug pioneered by Dr. Bihari from New York City, is helping many sufferers of various types of immune, deficiency diseases. Since taking the LDN, I have not had any symptoms whatsoever. I would encourage interested persons in this drug to go to for further information.”

Noreen Martin. June, 2006

“Amazing website and a valuable tool in educating people.”

David. London UK. May, 2006

“I have tried to sell our opinion to the main bodies spearheading the anti-AIDS campain in Kenya where I live and work but none of them has replied or even commented about it. I submitted a 40 page proposal to them, but even this could not make them respond.

I am suggesting we adopt a system of recruiting as many doctors as possible. We should try to recruit as many bodies of people living with “AIDS” as possible. This will form a lobby group of people fighting for their rights over the world. Doctors may not agree but suppose we send them reports and in particular the main articles published so far? I am suggesting we send those articles to their associations and ask them to comment. They are the main people popularizing the HIV/AIDS theory, which we are trying to question. I for one need support on this effort, which I would like to start now.”

Daniel M. Mugao, Kenya. May, 2006

“I don’t know if you remember, but back in the Fall of ‘04 I had been scared sick by the possibility of being HIV positive. I initially tested positive, then tested indeterminate three times over the next four to six months. I have had physicals and life insurance exams, and was recently issued a health insurance policy through WPS with no sign of being positive for HIV.

I again want to thank you for your support, as the M.D. seemed happy with offering his condolences and some patronizing comments about ‘life with HIV’.”

JB, March, 2006.

“I think you’re very dangerous. Why not come to an HIV clinic and see the patients? Then try telling them all they don’t have HIV, are better without their drugs, etc. And tell mothers not to worry about infecting their kids because it’s all invented by the evil scientists and doctors. All the stuff about false positives etc.! Of course doctors etc are aware of it. Why don’t you talk positive predictive values, sensitivity and specificity etc. And check out VDRL [test for neuro-syphilis] if you want a test with a lot of errors. And then you come up with something better. Not using VDRL is not better, in case you wanted to say that. I just don't understand what you're trying to do but I assume you do a lot of harm. I read an article on GNN by Liam Scheff – all that stuff about how AIDS is defined differently in Africa – of course it is. Same as anything else. Chest infection could be defined according to respiratory rate and not much else, doesn’t mean it’s make-believe or shoddy medicine. And there are loads of people trying to bring clean water to all the world’s poor so what is he on about?


Anonymous, January 2005.

“In a sort of delirium after a potential HIV exposure, I wanted to start PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis]. In my case the risk from the drugs was greater than the infection risk, but doctors didn’t explain all the implications of the Highly Toxic medications and forced my decision 44 hours after exposure. They gave me a Kaletra[Lopinavir+Ritonavir] / Combivir[AZT+3TC] regimen. I swallowed all the pills for a month with horrible side effects. Only guilt made me able to commit this mistake. But unfortunately I’m a rare(?) case in which the drugs manifested their toxic potential. I’m suffering from worsening lipoatrophy [fat loss] seven months after the last pill. Because there are not reports on this unusual(?) event the doctors tend to ascribe my real lipoatrophy only to anxiety factors (I’m suffering from marked fat atrophy in my limbs, scalp, face, everywhere). I think that the Drug Companies know that fat changes are an independent and permanent syndrome triggered by their medications by a deep and very probably irreversible disruption of metabolism or the immune system. Only this assumption can explain my lipoatrophy. In fact, I’m HIV negative. I’m no longer taking medications but the lipoatrophy is worsening. The time needed to start changes can vary but please work in this direction, PEP (if really effective) should be given only in exceptional situations and people should be made aware of its possible adverse events.”

Anonymous, June 2004.

“As a person who has tested positive to HIV I must say it is shocking that we still have medical professionals who still insist on administering HAART when so many people have died. I have been living a productive normal life with HIV by just understanding and knowing what HIV does, which is weaken my immune system. All I have done since I was diagnosed in 1997 is to eat food that rebuilds and restore my immune system. I don’t even get an ordinary flu since I have known my status and I am responsible for what I eat, what I do and how I live my life. These were the prinsiples I adopted and I have gained a looooooooooooot of weight since I was diagnosed. Maybe we have to remind ourselves what a virus is and perhaps then we will find the answer. As a person infected with HIV, when I contract TB bacteria we call that AIDS. Why? These drugs are toxic they must be discontinued ASAP. AIDS is a human tragedy we have created, HIV is just a virus that requires us to be responsible for our own body, mind and soul. It has become a tragedy because of how we treat each other.”

Criselda Kanand, South Africa, May 2004.

“I have been living with HIV since 1991. I have never used any of the antiretroviral drugs, including AZT. Last year my CD4 cell count fell under 200. Doctors and so called treatment educators have put me under a great deal of pressure to start treatment. I refused. I agree with the findings on your web site. AZT is one of the causes of AIDS.”

Dennis Levy, New York City, April 2004.

“Your site is not only complementary of the works of other established sites but it is also revealing in the true sense of the word.Your commitment is commendable. Please keep on keeping on and hopefully many lives will be saved. I also notice that a few people in Canada like yourself, HEAL Toronto, Sky Gilbert and the people of the site are really holding it down. God bless you all.”

George Murevesi, Zimbabwe, February 2004.

“I have just read a lecture given by David Crowe titled ‘HIV/AIDS: Science or Religion?’ that has so very much impressed me, and moved me, that I am more than willing to share my feelings with as many people as I can. I am familiar – as a gay person – with the HIV/AIDs hoax, but I have never read such an intelligently composed piece, which very much fits in with other researches of mine, which includes authoritarianism, and how it has affected both Western and Eastern cultures.”

Julian, Manchester, England, December, 2003.

“Keep up the good work and rest assured there are lots of people out there that appreciate all you do.”

Stanley, Vancouver, February, 2003.

“This site is nothing more than a mirror of VIRUSMYTH and [its] collection of opinion pieces that are totally unsubstantiated by real scientific evidence! It is amazingly funny that DENIALISTS continue to believe anyone with a functioning brain is taken in by this trick of collecting articles of fiction that [have] no basis in reality!!”

Anonymous. September, 2002.

“I am enormously appreciative of your efforts and your courage in the face of entrenched medical wrong-thinking. I just read your article posted on and I have been impressed by your website. Let me tell you and your readers about another educated and informed appraisal of the AIDS myth. You are not alone!  In England, a pair of researchers and investigative journalists called Phillip Day and Steven Ransom wrote a brilliant book called ‘World Without AIDS’. Their website is called, Maybe you should call Phillip Day & compare notes sometime! He is a stunning communicator and absolutely fearless, currently on tour in the UK speaking to people in over 100 towns and cities. I admire you both for your courage and passion. All power to your pens!”

Paula Margetson, England. June, 2002.

“Thank God someone else is also questioning these aids drugs! God bless you for posting this to the internet, I hope millions read this devastating information. Great website! Now I just wish the celebrities that help AMFAR and U2 raise money for AIDS, would look at your site and Christine Maggiore’s. I think they would definitely change their minds and see that the whole HIV/AIDS story is just a big money maker with no respect to humans living stress-free, fear-free and worry-free. Thank God that there are more and more people reading this material and realizing that this all just a bunch of ‘hogwash’! God bless you all!”

Deb Dumais, Texas. May, 2002.

“I was very impressed with the aims of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society. I have examined many, many documents concerning HIV as being the cause of AIDS and find no evidence that it does. HIV, if it does exist, is incapable of causing such destruction (it can only infect and replicate in a small number of CD4 T cells, whereas in asymptomatic patients more than 2 billion CD4 T cells are destroyed daily). However, there is much evidence that demonstrate that chronic exposure to toxic substances and multiple nutritional deficiencies impair immune responses, resulting in AIDS and HIV is not detected. HIV does not infect healthy humans.”

Isaac Hinton, Columbus, Ohio. December, 2001.

“I totally support your ideas and I would like to congratulate you for your courage and open mindedness. I get really annoyed to see people suffering and dying as a result of the stress from the‘death sentence’ pronounced on them in form of the HIV positive result and the threats accompaning it. It is high time the HIV proponents realised that they dealing with people's lives and set aside their greed for money and recognition. Most of us now live and love in fear, and even worse, some have abstained from sex at a very tender age due to the fear of contracting the virus. Come on! we only live once, give us a break.”

Triple M, South Africa. August, 2001.

“Excellent Web site. Please keep up the great work. This (HIV/AIDS hypothesis) is the most colossal debacle in medical history. ”

Anonymous. May, 2001.

“Thanks for your prompt response to my membership application. I have lived in Calgary for a long time and have a great number of friends there. Was thrilled to see that your organization was from Alberta. I am in a tight spot right now with Doctors, etc. pushing me to start taking the ‘Cocktail’ and having been positive for 14 years and drug free I really don’t want to start anything. Thanks for your website and look forward to more information, the future.”

Michael. April, 2001.

“I want to commend you on your stand against dogmatic lies and I will pray for your organization. The research and insights I have acquired from sites like yours have literally revolutionized my perspective and personal beliefs. It has also helped me tremendously in school. I am the president the speech team at my high school, and the AIDS/HIV controversy comes up often in my debate tournaments. Thanks for the help.”

Jon-Michael Davis. November, 2000.

“I wanted to tell you how fantastic the information compilation you did on HAART and AZT is. Christine [Maggiore] sent me copies to use at our information table that we set up at events. They have been so useful and well received by people.”

Kathleen Tyson. October, 2000.

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