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Another Letter Censored by the Globe and Mail Newspaper

David Crowe
May 15th 2007

Canada’s Globe & Mail newspaper routinely publishes virulent articles on HIV and AIDS and denies all attempts to point out the egregious errors and scare-mongering that they are promulgating. This letter is just one example of what they refuse to publish (and no other critical letters were published either)…

Dear editors;

HIV/AIDS science has become the new eugenics. Medicine has not been allowed to use surgery to destroy the sexuality of people diagnosed on a doctor's whim as "mentally defective" in Canada since the 1970s. But now an equally destructive legal weapon is being wielded against those branded HIV+. It is also based on our trust in incomplete, invalid, prejudiced and corrupt science. Canadians will again, in a few years, be deeply ashamed of themselves and especially of the prominent people who drove this theory to its current destructive state.

The first step in the process was to convince the vast majority of people that HIV was a deadly, high infectious, sexually transmitted disease. This was done, despite no good evidence that HIV is sexually transmitted and increasing criticisms, even from mainstream scientists, that the sexual association between HIV and AIDS has been oversold.

Deep, visceral fear is now easily triggered by an antibody test, despite our decades old knowledge that antibodies are a positive reaction to an invading pathogen, and despite the many conditions (such as being of black ancestry) that increase the probability of a test being falsely positive. The risk of false positives is waved aside largely because to distinguish between true and false positives would require purification of HIV, a scientific achievement that has never yet been accomplished. Somehow courts are ignoring the fact that the murder or assault weapon has never been proven to exist, let alone be present at the scene of the crime.

With this backdrop of fear, HIV-positive people increasingly have a choice of celibacy or a jail cell. They won't find a sexual partner if they let people know they are HIV-positive and if they don't reveal this status they may go to jail for a long time.

The reason this cruel theory has survived for so long is that both the popular and scientific media (as well as scientific funding) have excluded the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scientists and doctors, along with many educated activists and HIV-positive people, who question the HIV=AIDS=Death dogma.

- David Crowe


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