Referenced Quotes about HIV/AIDS Tests and Measurements

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Referenced Quotes about HIV/AIDS Tests and Measurements

Antibody tests are the most commonly performed. Usually an ELISA test is performed, and then repeated if positive. Following that, for positive ELISAs only, a Western Blot (WB) is performed. ELISA is not a Yes/No test, it is only a continuum of color change that is interpreted in this way because of an arbitrary cutoff point. Western Blot has the purported HIV proteins separated on a strip, with various methods used for interpretation (varying from country to country, and from organization to organization). Both types of tests measure antibodies, which in many diseases are considered a sign of immunity (particularly in the absence of symptoms). Why are antibody tests considered a sign of fatal disease in HIV/AIDS? Why are two of the same type of test used to validate each other?

The quotes are categorized as:

  • Antibody Tests (ELISA, Western Blot)
  • Antigen Tests (p24)
  • CD4/CD8 Immune Cell Counts
  • Consequences of HIV testing
  • Culturing
  • Manufacturer Disclaimers
  • Discordance between HIV Tests
  • Electron Micrograph Evidence: The Ultimate Test
  • False Positives
  • Mandatory Testing
  • Negative HIV Tests with AIDS
  • HIV Tests in Children
  • HIV Tests on Postmortem Specimens
  • Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of Tests
  • Rapid HIV Tests
  • From HIV-positive to HIV-negative (Seroreversion)
  • Surrogate Markers
  • Validation: Search for the Gold Standard
  • Viral Load (PCR; Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • The Western Blot Test
  • Window Period
  • A list of manufacturer test labels can be downloaded from


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