AZT: Unsafe at any Dose?

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AZT: Unsafe at any Dose?

AZT, also known as Zidovudine, ZDV and Retrovir, is one of the most commonly prescribed anti-HIV drugs, and the main drug prescribed to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child. However, there are serious concerns about its toxicity and effectiveness. Read the referenced quotes below, and decide for yourself.

The quotes are categorized as:

  • Harmful Effects of AZT on Blood and Bone Marrow
  • Harmful Side Effects of AZT, General
  • Warnings from AZT Experiments on Animals
  • AZT and Cancer
  • Increased Risk of Sickness and Death with AZT
  • Lack of Effectiveness and Toxicity of AZT
  • AZT and Mitochondria
  • Muscle Disorders (including Heart) Associated with AZT
  • AZT and Pregnant Women and Children
  • Afterword

    “Trevor Jones, director general of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries...remembers the dramatic identification of the virus that causes AIDS...‘We weren’t looking for AIDS drugs, we were looking for compounds that would hit the DNA of bacteria, and we had made hundreds of these compounds. When Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo discovered that AIDS was due to this virus, we just opened up our store cupboards and said: these should work, because they will hit the RNA of the virus. And they did,’ he said. ‘Since DNA is a ubiquitous part of life, compounds that act against it can potentially stop life forms like bacteria, like viruses, like humans. Of course, they can cause cancer as well, so balancing the risks is an essential part of the fascination.’ They settled on an anti cancer drug which had proved too toxic to use against cancer: it was AZT. It is now part of the cocktail of treatments that has changed life utterly for huge numbers of HIV positive people in the US and Europe. [So, AZT was too toxic for short term use as chemotherapy, but perfectly acceptable for long term use against HIV!] ”

      Radford T. Tomorrow’s pharmaceutical scientists will be part of the revolution. The Guardian. 2000 Mar 30;5.


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