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David Crowe is a Fruitcake?

This is the unedited text of a letter from June Callwood, one of Canada’s best known social activists and founder of Casey House, a hospice for people dying of AIDS or, as some believe, dying of poisoning from use of drugs, most notably anti-AIDS drugs.

[from] June Callwood

May 25, 2001

Dear David Crowe:

I have read your letter very carefully and examined the material you sent me at Casey House Hospice. Thank you for bringing your views to my attention.

After careful consideration, I have come to the view that you are a fruitcake.

Best wishes,

[June Callwood's signature]

What caused her to come to this succinct conclusion? A copy of Christine Maggiore’s book “What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?” and the following letter:

Dear June;

Reading an article on you in the Globe and Mail (Consuming Passions, May 12, 2001, L3), I was struck that perhaps your involvement in Casey House is a case of doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons.

There is no question that people dying of any disease need places that can provide them with a comfortable and supportive place. However, the question is whether your organization is really helping, or just supporting a medical dogma that is resulting in the pharmaceutical poisoning of people labelled HIV-positive.

It is my view, from reading extensively in the scientific literature on HIV and AIDS, that HIV tests are meaningless, that many of the diseases that HIV+ people often have may have alternative explanations, and that anti-HIV drugs are extremely toxic and can, by themselves, bring on many of the symptoms of AIDS.

I have put together a selection of the damning evidence against AIDS drugs and AIDS tests at my society’s website: The file documents the incredible toxicity of this drug.

I know that you are a very courageous person. So that even though you have invested much of yourself in supporting the current views on HIV and AIDS, I encourage you to consider some of the evidence that is provided at our website, and in the enclosed book, that directly contradicts much of what you probably currently believe. If you accept that some of the points we raise are valid, I hope you will consider whether your efforts would not be better directed toward encouraging more open discussion of the accuracy of HIV tests and the toxicity and efficacy of AIDS drugs, rather than merely accepting the situation that these unfortunate people find themselves in.

I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss this further. You may also want to contact HEAL Toronto, that has many members in the gay community that share my views. You might want to talk to Rob Johnston at 966-2657/406-4325. My contact information is above.

[signed by David Crowe]

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