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In the list of links below, red indicates a recent addition.

Magazine, Newspaper and Internet Articles

Journalist, HIV-positive recoverer from AIDS-drug-induced AIDS, Maria Papagiannidou St. Pierre, interviewed by famous Greek novelist Vassilis Vasilikos on TV channel ET3 (English subtitles).

October, 2007. The journal “Public Choice” reviews Dr. Henry Bauer’s book “The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory

November, 2007. David Crowe interviewed by CKLN’s Black Krishna on “The Infectious Myth

November, 2007. Greek correspondent Lambros Papontoniou challenges US Presidential AIDS Coordinator Mark Dybul at a State Department briefing.

October, 2007. Neville Hodgkinson reviews Phyllis Pease’s book “AIDS, Cancer and Arthritis: A New Perspective”.

October, 2007. Neville Hodgkinson reviews Phyllis Pease’s book “AIDS, Cancer and Arthritis: A New Perspective”.

September, 2007. Carl Strygg Responds to anti-‘denialist’ article in Toronto’s GLBT “XTRA!” magazine.

August, 2007. Dr. Henry Bauer and David Crowe write to the New York Times.

August, 2007. The HIV/AIDS Myth: A Review of Duesberg’s Inventing the AIDS Virus by Kelly & Paul Brennan-Jones.

June, 2007. The HIV Optimists Celia Farber in Alive Magazine.

June, 2007. Robert ‘R’: AIDS in 1969? Justine Nicholas.

May, 2007. Senator Obama Accused of Terrorism. Marcel Girodian in The Joliet (Illinois) Tribune.

February, 2007. ICC Investigation Articles: (1) Thalidomide for Black Orphans; (2) Interview with Dr. Katherine Painter. Liam Scheff.

January, 2007. Serious Adverse Events (Book Review). David Crowe in Alive Magazine.

January, 2007. Serious Adverse Events (Book Review) (pdf file). Mike Chappelle in The Bloomsbury Review.

December, 2006. Libyan Children, Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor and the Death Penalty. Extracts from US State Department Transcripts.

December, 2006. Don’t Question the Gallo-HIV AIDS Dogma. Beldeu Singh.

October, 2006. Bird Flu and H5N1, Vaccinating and AIDS: Interview with Dr. Stefan Lanka. FAKTuell die Onlinezeitung.

October, 2006. Why did HAART improve the prognosis of AIDS? Professor Jean Umber, Académie de Nancy-Metz.

September 10. Anti-retro drugs fail to increase HIV patients’ lifespan. An article by Nevillle Hodgkinson in The Business.

August 12 by Johan Beaurain – COSATU is Capitalism at its Deadliest

August 8, 2006 letter in the Globe & Mail by David Crowe – Mothers Evading AIDS Drugs.

July, 2006 article by Darren Laster – Let HIV Set You Free.

July 15, 2006 article in Natural Health Line by Peter Barry Chowka – Medical Nemesis 2006.

May 14, 2006 article by Noreen Martin – I Choose Life.

April 1, 2006 article by Lawrence Gallo Delaney – New Safer Sex Guidelines.

March, 2006 article by David Crowe – HIV, Sex and Jail Time in Canada.

March, 2006 article by Beldeu Sing – Can I have my Chemo Supplement Please?

February, 2006 article by Beldeu Singh – Dangerous Philosophy of Treatment in Medical Science.

December, 2005 article by Beldeu Singh – Are Malnutrition and Oxidative Stress the Cause of gp41, gp120 and gp160 in Robert Gallo’s HIV Isolate?

December, 2005 article by Lucky Mazibuko – [pdf file] Road Carnage Link with HIV-AIDS [okay, so truthfully we find this so utterly ridiculous we just had to share it with you!]

October, 2005 article by Harvey Bialy – Finding the Truth About HIV and AIDS.

September, 2005 Obituary for Yale’s Serge Lang, a well-known AIDS rethinker in New AIDS Review.

July, 2005 article by Peter Chowka – AIDS, Inc. Continues To Threaten Global Health - And Freedom for the Rollye James show.

July, 2005 article by Celia Farber – Drugs, Disease, Denial in the New York Press.

June, 2005 article on Live 8 concerts by Peter Chowka – Warning: Don’t be Hoodwinked As the Biggest HIV/AIDS Hype Yet.

May, 2005 articles on Matthias Rath and AIDS ‘Denialists’ in Nature Medicine.

One Woman’s Story re: HIV and AIDS. June 2005 by Kim Marie Bannon.

The House That AIDS Built by Liam Scheff.

The Debate over HIV. May 29th 2005 by Mayank Tiwari in the Hindustan Times (India).

Sex Crimes: The Hidden Face of HIV: Part 2 (PDF File). March 2005 by Liam Scheff. Also at Crux Magazine.

HIV/AIDS - And Cancer: How Far Have We Come? at . February, 2005 by Peter Barry Chowka.

Articles on AIDS by Beldeu Singh.

The Trouble with Nevirapine. January, 2005 by Anthony Brink.

The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1. January 3, 2005 by Liam Scheff. Also at Crux Magazine.

Rethinking HIV and AIDS. December, 2004 by David Crowe.

Our Trip to New Mexico [To visit Chimpanzees previously used for biomedical research]. Arryn Ketter. 2004.

AIDS, Non-HIV AIDS, and ‘Prescription AIDS’. October 7, 2004 by Beldeu Singh of Independent Media TV.

HIV Negative – “Noble Doctors Try New Drugs on AIDS Orphans” (word file). Crux magazine. Fall 2004. The magazine’s PDF version is here.

Kim Marie Bannon’s Personal Testimony. July 2004.

20 Years After the Official HIV/AIDS Proclamation by Gilles St-Pierre.

Does Selenium Play a Role in AIDS? November 26, 2003. by David Crowe.

Rob Johnston, AIDS Reappraiser. April 10, 2003. by David Crowe.

Inaccurate Information about Breastfeeding and HIV. December 14, 2002. by David Crowe.

Lefties, Pharma and AIDS. November 2002. by David Crowe.

Sophie's Medical Coercion. October 2002. by David Crowe.

AIDS Funding in Canada. December 2001 Alive magazine by David Crowe.

Needle Exchange Programs: Counter-Productive? December 2001 Alive magazine by David Crowe.

AZT: Life Saving or Death Dealing? December 2001 Alive magazine by David Crowe.

Durban Declaration Rebuttal. September, 2001 by Robert Johnston, Matt Irwin and David Crowe.

Lies, Damned Lies and AIDS Statistics. Alive magazine, December 2000

Book Review, “The AIDS Indictment” by Marvin Kitzerow. Reviewed by David Crowe.

Pregnant? What You Should Know About HIV Testing.
Nurturing magazine, September 2000 by David Crowe.

Take the Pills or We'll Take Your Kids! in Alive magazine, September 2000 by David Crowe.

AIDS deemed a ‘national security’ threat by U.S. as South African president challenges medical orthodoxy, at, May 2000 by Peter Barry Chowka.

Gaping Holes in the AIDS Case Definition. 2000 by Michael Wright communicating with the CDC.

What is AIDS? Continuum. Summer 1999. 5(6): 66-70. by George Kent. (PDF File)

AZT and Cancer. October 1987 [first internet publishing 2002]. by John Lauritsen.

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